Along the Saône river

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  1. I am happy for you! The problem I have with is the French forget the Allies did for them in World War 2. Not only that, but they dislike us. You can visit the Phuluppines and find that the Filipina people are very grateful to the Americans, English, etc. for taking their country back for them. Even in the Philippine schools, the kids are taught their countries history and grow up appreciating their freedom. Many thousands of Americans died fighting and chasing the Nazis out of France. You should maybe read about the “butcher of Lyon” to give yourself some idea of what life was like in France at that time and to understand that the way of life you enjoy there did not come without a big price paid by others before you.

    • Gary, Thank you very kindly for reading my post. I, though, am curious why you would think that I am not informed about Lyon’s history and why the suggestion on the the butcher of Lyon? I am German, my degree from the university is in German, and my grandfather was in the war as I am very, very informed on France’s connection with the war and the struggles that they endured probably more than most people. Many people who love a city like Lyon and many older cities throughout Europe know and appreciate it’s background and history. Thanks again for reading.

  2. Hi Erich, Great blog, thank you! Are you still in France? Ha….I looked up “bémol” (“flat”)—that does not seem to be what the phrase is saying. Will you help me wth what it does mean? Hope you are still enjoying your life in France. Ruth

    • Ruth, Please forgive me for only seeing this now. My goal now is an update every 2 weeks on my blog. I have SO much to say! Un bémol means many things in French from a flat musically to a drawback or something that hasn’t went quite right. Can you give me the context it was used in. Always happy to answer any questions. Fire away.I do actually still love my life in France, very hard but a very fulfilled life and nice quality of life. I have learned to appreciate the little things that I took for granted for in the US.

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