Ode to Seven

A little over 2 years ago, I stumbled onto a quaint little café nestled along the Saône river. In the beginning, I went there because the prices were really great for such a perfect location AND the rosé was Bio. Who could ask for more? After but a matter of weeks, I didn’t even have to order. Whether it was noon, 15h, 21h, the pot just arrived. Though occasionally, I would switch it up depending on the weather. For me, it was more than just a “place to go”, it was a tiny piece of home.

Many might laugh at this concept and find it a bit sad, but this café had a much more special meaning for me. This meaning was Marc and Joy, the owners. Joy is this lovely canadian woman with the most gorgeous red hair one has seen and a smile that lights up a room. We rarely spoke English together, but when we did, it was a bit like home in France. Marc is the man who worked his 15 hour days nonstop and rarely could you not hear that laugh of his filling up the room.

I could be in the worst mood but if I was walking down the sidewalk with the taste of rosé piercing my lips because of my day and I would happen to see Marco outside laughing with a customer or Joy always cleaning something, I knew that everything would be just fine. Ease just came to me. They knew more about my troubles and frustrations about trying to make it in France than anyone. Even though, I knew, that day after day after day, they had to listen to people whine and complain about their lives on a regular basis, they still always listened, offered me advice, and made me laugh. They just always made things better by being who they were.

I could never possibly write all the memories Café Seven has giving me. I met countless upon countless of people there. I never met, but yet knew so well, many of the regulars who went there,  just with our nods of hellos and a smile from across the room. The phenomenal after close soirées where Marc would close the curtains, crank up the music, and new friendships began till the early hours in the morning. Oh yes, the Chartreuse, oh the Chartreuse. Aka Marc’s fault for introducing it to me! For me, the best was simply lighting a cigarette, sitting back with the sun on my face, hearing the laughter of the people who loved being there as much as I did, enjoying the rosé, and seeing Fourvière in the background. There are no words.

Sometimes I felt as if I went there a bit too much. Me always sitting there on my iPad, day after day, pot after pot, yet I never felt like a nuisance or a pain, I felt that it was my special place and I was always welcomed. I was never needy or loud (ok upon occasion), but I was just able to be me…Erich. With this said, the work owning Seven was hard and long, but I hope that the owners both know how much happiness they brought to so many people from all around the world because they encountered what they created as Seven. It was a place where laughter could be heard, tears could be cried if needed, a good coffee could be drank, a great wine could be drank, and everyone just came together to be happy. This was Seven.

A small piece me feels very empty now because Seven is closing. Again, so silly to many, but so important to me. It is one of the reasons that I love my life in France. Special moments and places like Seven. I wish nothing but the absolute best for Marc and Joy, Lord knows they have earned it. I refuse to say goodbye to them because this I will not allow. But I will thank them for the years of memories, of laughter, and of kindness that they have given to my friends and myself. They are like family to me and as Seven now closes its doors, those memories well never close in my heart. Best of luck Marco and Joy, until our next pot together à un autre endroit and adieu mon cher Seven. Tu me manqueras.


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    • Thank you Erich for this touching tribute. You captured perfectly what we along with our customers/ friends hoped to create these last six years. What a bittersweet time it is for us but don’t you worry we will not allow this to be goodbye either! Have a lovely time in Finland and we will see you soon.

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