I don’t know where to begin after not posting for so long and receiving so many nice messages on people enjoying the blog for the exact reason I wanted to write it: Just to appreciate french culture. Even with all its positives and negatives, as does come with any culture.

Life has been an interesting and challenging journey. Throwing me curves that I never saw coming. Moreso the curves that made me just want to hop on a plane and return to the easier life that I once knew, but once I jumped over them, the payoffs are without words. I did have too many high expectations of my life in France but I did not come naïve. I knew that it would be a challenge as an American and that the american vision of croissants and café sitting would soon wear off and did it ever wear off just way too soon. Sorta.

The one thing that I have learned about wanting to live in Europe as an American is that you truly really want to have to want to be here. It cannot be haphazard. If it does not come from within and you don’t want to accept the european life with all its hoops, paperwork and then more paperwork as an immigrant, you will be back to your comfortable life by year’s end. Which is not necessarily a bad thing if this is what is comfortable for you. I admit that I judged before but I do no longer.

I have learned to appreciate the smallest of things in life that before I simply took for granted in a country where we can have it all. With patience and time, I have a circle of friends from many continents and of all ages, which I would have never had the opportunity to gain back home. We are all expats and just understand each other. We laugh, we enjoy a nice rosé, we vent, we vent some more, and we simply appreciate each others differences and are there for one another without question or judgements. We are one crazy group. I could not have remotely survived without them in any shape or form. They were my surviving block on many a day. So with this said, Chri, Laura, Kate, Walt, Ayla, Edda, Darcy, Jen, and Susannah (among countless others whom there is not enough space), I dedicate this blog to you with the utmost of love. Until next weeks post, I will continue my summer vacation, which was so well earned. I shall enjoy my picon bière, continue to soak up this culture which makes me a better person daily, create lifelong memories in an amazing country where we do complain on a daily basis, but boy do we live life to the fullest. À plus!


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  1. I am so happy for you, still like to adopt you as my son, but in the meantime continue to live life to the fullest and I get to enjoy your journey though facebook and this blog. Love you lots

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