Normal flavored gummi bears, non. Protein bars, non . Chicken broth in a box, non. Plus, Cetaphil for $25.

Adaptation is the key to successful living outside your country and comfort zone. It’s all about your attitude. Yesterday when we went to the larger Monoprix for some specific spices and various odd items, I learned many lessons.

1) My old Cetaphil is about $25 so I quickly changed to a French product called Avène and saved 8€.

2) I’ll have to use cubed chicken bouillon to make my broth because it doesn’t exist in a box. Every other flavor seems to exist, but not chicken.

3) Protein bars or powder for after a workout is hard and expensive to even find.

4) Syrup for my pancakes is about $8 for a little glass jar, which lasts about a week.

5) Gummi bears come in really unique flavors and even Haribo has every type but regular flavors.

6) Always print out a label even if you buy one peach because the line quickly builds up.

When you walk by the gazillion fresh bakeries, butchers, wine stores, open air markets, elderly people passing you by and always smiling with a sweet, “Bonjour” even though you don’t know them. You know exactly that you are where you need to be. All the little nuances that make it different or hard for some people seem to fade away with a limoncello over ice at a local café in the middle of a neighborhood where fellow dog lovers look lovingly at their dogs that are allowed everywhere and enjoy their conversations with friends. So go ahead, charge what you want, there are a million other things that make up for it!


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