For the love of language, what’s the word for conditioner? Brown sugar? Wrench?

The one thing I love the most about living in the country that I love are my daily lessons of new words. One is really lucky to be living with a patient, at times, French person because they are a plethora of knowledge when it comes to explaining and pronouncing.

I add almost daily my new words, new expressions, and new phrases on my mini iPad, which also updates instantly to my iPhone so they are always available. Some days it’s 2 words and other days it’s 10 words. I glance at them many times throughout the day. While I’m waiting for the métro, cutting a salad, during a commercial and before I know it, they are flowing out of my mouth and I sound more French day by day! The trick is continuity and practice. As below, I now know bémol!Image


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